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Ricci: Visual Studies Poster Project - From Sketching to Painting: Home



  Self Portraits


The most respected artists often begin their masterpieces with pencil & paper.  Choose one of the master painters from the group featured above and learn more about how they transformed their sketches into paintings.  The Visual Studies RAMGuide provides links to books, articles, web sites & more that will assist you in creating your poster project. 

STEPS: 1) create a "New Project" - bibliography - in for the sources you will use for your Visual Studies Poster Board; 2) choose artist & identify their artistic movement; 3) website search + save citation to EasyBib; 4) database search + copy and save citation to EasyBib; 5) book search + copy and save citation to EasyBib;  6) Read sources and answer 4 questions about your artist (type and print ); 7) create poster board using answers about your artist and images; 8) add captions for all images  9) write 2 sentence annotation for each source;  10) print Annotated Bibliography.


Students are expected to choose one of the above painters and research the evolution of their work and artistic styles (from sketching to painting):

1) Locate 3 sources [at least 1 database article and 1 academic website] for background information about the artist

2) Review biographical & image resources from museum web resources

3) Produce a poster (with captions for each featured image/piece)

4) Prepare an annotated bibliography using EasyBib for the sources that you used for your project.