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Research Requirements & Strategy for English 3.1 Paper

 How to   . . . 

 5 "Reputable Sources": book(s) , database article(s), scholarly webarticle(s)


cause/variable(s) - effect(s)

requirements needed

system function



mix of source types          create Noodletools project      save citations in Noodletools       read & highlight      paraphrase highlighted section(s)     create (In-text citation) for each


I. Search for Books in LSA Library Catalog


Use the above link and then look for these symbols to search for a book or log in to place a hold:

  Log in to place a book on hold/open an e-book (Top right corner)

LOGIN:  Username = 1st part of LSA gmail to graduation year                   Example - iread25

               Password = lasalle (all lower case letters!)


                             Search for a Book using VERY GENERAL TERM or "SEARCH PHRASE"

II. Databases

III. Academic Websites: 2 Choices

1) Visit the LSA Library Webliography Page to Locate an Academic Website by Subject!

Search for website(s) related to your topic

Remember: use web sources w/Top Lebel domains:

.org  .gov   and/or .edu



Advanced Short Code Search [use nouns and "noun phrases"]

Main Idea   Subtopic   Limiter (population, location etc.) site:org

2) Google Advance Source Code Search