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7th Grade: Paraphrasing & Citing: In-text Citations

In-text Citations - Basic Rules

In-text Citation Basics
  • Period is always at the very end.
  • If author is known, ALWAYS use author’s last name....(Goldstein 25).
  • If two authors, list both authors last names. ......(Smith and Pearson).
  • If three or more authors, list first last name and then et al.    ......(White et al.). 
  • If NO author, use first word of article title. …. (“Living"). or ....("A New")
  • If it is from a source with page numbers (book, magazine article, etc), ALWAYS use page number. …(Goldstein 87). 
  • There is NO punctuation or abbreviations (p. pp.) between author/title and page number.   ......(Smith 216).
  • In-text citations must match up with Works Cited page.  If you have not used a source from your Works Cited page within your paper (in-text citations), that source MUST be removed from your Works Cited page.


Make a Cheat Sheet from your Works Cited Page




Sample Paragraph with In-text Citations