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Words are Multifaceted !


"Root Word Definitions." YourDictionary. LoveToKnow.

Steps & Tips

-- Search for "Your Word" in each of the 10 required sources

-- PRINT or photocopy the pages in each source that pertain to your word

-- Create an MLA 8th CITATION in Noodletools for each source as you go

-- Choose two additional sources to research word; follow same steps above

   REMEMBER:  Citations for Print Sources need to identify Page Number used

                           Search for location of Your Word in Electronic/Online Sources by using Ctrl F

NOODLETOOLS: Step by Step!

Link to Login page (here and button!)

I. Log in to your LSA Gmail Acct & NoodleTools

["ACCESS VIA G-Suite Office 365"


II. Create a "New Project" 

a. Type in Title = Your Word

b. Click MLA citation format

c. Click "Junior" Citation Level


III.  Return to "DASHBOARD" Tab

a. In Middle "Sharing and Collaboration Box" :  Public View - Keep Open to Public Access

b. In "Sharing ?" Box - Click on Share with Mr. Lourenco's Inbox for your Period  - Drop Down/Select:

Your Teacher's Last Name and Period

c. Click: 



1)  (gmail) 

2)  (upper right corner)


3) Click/Select Project link


4)   ->  ->  -> 



5) Copy & Paste (or type in) ISBN# From Book Record/Publication Information & Click "Search"


6)  Select/highlight your book's info & Click Import Selected Source 


7) Click 

8) Click 

 Image Source:  PBS


1)  (gmail) 

2)  (upper right corner)


3) Click/Select Project Link


4)  ->  


5) ->


6) Click "Copy & paste a citation" link



7) Copy & Paste Citation into Manual Citation Box


8) Click 


1)  (gmail) 

2)  (upper right corner)


3) Click/Select Project Link


4)  ->  


5) Select 


6) Select 


7) Return to Web Page and copy the URL & locate the date it was published/updated


8) Add/click today's date as the "Access Date" 


8) Complete/Manually type in the rest of webpage info into boxes above 


10) Click : 






Enter specific Info:

Interviewee's Name (person interviewed)


Interviewer's Name (person who conducted the interview


Type of Interview (email, phone, in-person)


Date of Interview

Log into your Gmail acct.

Log into Noodtools

Open link for your project

Open   button for your project

Click  button

Drop down to "Print/Export to Google Docs" option

Wait a moment and it will translate your source page into a "Beautiful" Works Cited Google Doc!!