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Grade 7: Civil Rights Project: Sources

Gale U.S. History in Context Database


Finding the Citation:

Look for cite button in upper right corner of page.  Hit the Noodletools button to export this citation.

Salem History


Finding the Citation:

Look for Article Citation button on left side of page. Copy & Paste this database citation into Noodletools.

World Book


Finding the Citation:

Look for "How to Cite this Article" link at the bottom of the World Book article.  Copy & Paste the citation into Noodletools.

Find Database Passwords on Blackbaud

To access these Databases at home/off-campus, you will need the LSA username and password.  If your forgot the username and password, they are available on Blackbaud.  
Blackbaud > Resources > Library


New York Times Website



Citing New York Times Website

Citing the New York Times website is easy in Noodletools.  Simply paste the URL as you normally would do when citing a website in Noodletools.  Then, click the blue Smart Import button that will appear after you paste the URL.  Noodletools will autofill the remainder of the fields for you.  Before saving, review the fields and check for any yellow-outlined boxes that need editing.  


New York Times Historical Website

If you are having difficulty finding articles on the New York Times website (Emmett Till, Greensboro Sit In), you can use the New York Times database.  When citing, use the cite button and export the citation to Noodletools.