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Exporting Citations

How to Export a Citation from a Database

1.  You must be logged into your project and on the Sources page of Noodletools. 

2.  Go to your database article and click on the Cite button (Gale, ProQuest and JSTOR) or Export button (EBSCO)  and choose Noodletools.  See pictures at bottom of this tutorial.

3.  Double-check that citation is in  MLA format and it is going to the correct project.  Then, hit the Import Reference button.


4.  Go back to your sources page in Noodletools.  You will need to hit the refresh button to see the citation.


Gale Databases:






EBSCO (Export):

Copying Citations from Gale Databases

Affter opening the article, click on Cite button in upper right hand corner.

Gale defaults to the MLA 8 Citation, so just copy the citation in the box.

Copying Citations from Proquest Databases

After opening your article, click on the cite button in upper right hand corner.

Click on the drop down menu and find MLA 8th Edition

Copy Citation, but do not copy the words Works Cited - this is not part of the citation.

Copying Citations from EBSCO Databases

Click on Cite and Scroll Down to find the MLA formatted citation.