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Grade 6: ELA Library Class: Databases

Databases: The Better Choice for Research

  • Anyone can create a website.
  • Databases are trustworthy, reliable and checked by experts.  With websites, you need to spend extra time evaluating whether or not the information is coming from a trusted and reliable source. 
  • Databases can contain many types of sources, including articles (reference, magazine, newspaper and journal), images, video, audio and primary sources.  
  • Databases have more advanced search capabilities with their database tools (Narrow by date, source type, etc.)
  • Databases provide fully formatted MLA citations that you can copy and paste into Noodletools or your Works Cited page.  This is a huge time saver!
  • Your teachers will be impressed!


Find Database Passwords on Blackbaud

To access these Databases at home/off-campus, you will need the LSA username and password.  If your forgot the username and password, they are available on Blackbaud.  
Blackbaud > Resources > Library


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