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Grade 6: LA Library Class: Entering a Database into Noodletools

Video: Entering a Database into Noodletools

How to Copy/Paste a Database Citation in Noodletools

How to Copy a Citation from a Database

1.  Copy MLA 8 or 9 formatted citation from database.  



2. In NoodleTools, click the sources button                             to the right of the project title you want to work on.



3.  Click on the green New Source button at the top right:  



4.  Choose Database:  



5.  Then choose Original Content in Database:  



6.  Near top, click on 


7.  Paste your copied database citation in the box:  


8.  Click on the blue SAVE button at the top.  

How to Export a citation from a database

How to Export a Citation from a Database

1.  You must be logged into your project and on the Sources page of Noodletools. 

2.  Go to your database article and click on the Cite button (Gale, ProQuest and Cavendish) and choose Noodletools.  See pictures at bottom of this tutorial.

3.  Double-check that citation is in  MLA format and it is going to the correct project.  Then, hit the Import Reference button.


4.  Go back to your sources page in Noodletools.  You will need to hit the refresh button to see the citation.



Gale Databases:




Cavendish Square: