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Our World 2021: Emerging Hope: Home

Student Guide Builders


This Guide is a collaboration between LSA Providence students and faculty to educate

our community about how we can make powerful positive change

locally, nationally, and even internationally ! General Council Reflection 6: 2020-21: E-DOCUMENT: Reflection

Logo: “Great things Are Possible” created by Mr. Jaker Leano, La Salle University, Manila, Philippines

VIDEO & CLASS ACTIVITY" Youth Poet Laureate: Amanda Gorman - Jan.20, 2021

2020 VIDEO GALLERY: LSA Providence Lasallians in Action


Elle Arcand '22: Lasallian Ministries in Rhode Island editor

Aemilia Blais '21:  La Salle Academy Outreach, Video Team and editor

Megan Chan '22: Chief Video editor & Service Opportunities Researcher & editor

Gianni Diarbi '22: Our World 2021 Chief Editor & Covid-19 Challenge Researcher

Bobby Evangelista '23: Providence/Rhode Island Collaborator

Joanna Fashjian '22: Poverty in RI Researcher and editor, Social Media Coordinator

Cassidy Ferry '22: Video Team & editor

Blake Rogers '21: Global, Regional and Local Demographics, Researcher & editor

Grace Truslow '21: 21st Century Action, Researcher & editor

Mrs. Cerros, Arts Dept. Chair: Consultant and Collaborator

Mrs. Hajian, Librarian: Prayer Collection editor, Moderator

Mrs. Trissler, Head Librarian: Lasallian World Wide Initiatives editor, Moderator

JOIN OUR CREW!  Contact: Mrs. Trissler or Mrs. Hajian


Economic: Refers to the lack of basic financial resources needed for a family to function at the average level of other families in the community.  For the United States specific guidelines are provided by the Department of Health and Human resources as to what constitutes economic poverty and low income.


Educational: Refers to significant differences in cognitive style or development, past school history, or social/emotional developments that significantly impede a person being able to function in the regular learning environments without supports or accommodations.


Affective: Refers to a significant lack of the personal, psychological, social and emotional resources and competencies to be able to meet normal development expectations.  Poverty in this area can lead to lifelong emotional and social maladjustment impeding the person from being a contributing member of the community.


Poverty of Values: Refers to lacks in an appreciation of local social norms, spirituality, or of the responsibility to the larger world community that all persons have.

VIDEO: Guide Team's Greeting and Prayer!