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Video: How to Create a Book Citation in Noodletools

Create Book Citation in Noodletools using ISBN


1. Find the ISBN number for your book.


2.  In NoodleTools, click the sources button                             to the right of the project title you want to work on.


3.  Click on the green New Source button at the top right:  



4.  Choose Print or in-hand:  



5.  Then choose Book from the list:  



6.  Near top, and find the Import ISBN field. Type/Paste in the ISBN number in the blank box and click search.


7.  Click on the book title in the box.  When you click on it it will change to a blue color.


8.  Click on Import Selected Source at the bottom of the box.  


9.  Check the information, make any necessary changes and then click Continue at the bottom.  


10.  Click on the blue SAVE button at the top.