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Hajian: Digital Literacy 21: II: Plagiarism

LSA Student Handbook: Academic Honesty

Academic Honesty:  "All assignments are expected to be the original work of each student. All forms of academic dishonesty will result in academic sanctions. More serious violations or repetitive incidents of cheating or plagiarism will result in academic sanctions and/or disciplinary action" (La Salle Student Handbook 2019-20). 

Types of Plagiarism

 Intentional Plagiarism Unintentional Plagiarism
–Copying a friend’s work
•Using minimal or careless paraphrasing
–Buying or borrowing papers
•Poor documentation
–Giving another student information or answers to complete an assignment
•Quoting excessively
–Cutting and pasting blocks of text from electronic sources without documenting
•Failure to use your own “voice”
–Media “borrowing” without documentation


Plagiarism Video (from Caity Selleck)