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Hajian: Digital Literacy 21: II: Keywords/Search Terms

Finding Keywords/Search Terms


                                                                                                                    Image Source:  Boostability Blog

  1. From your research question or topic, circle the "main idea" words or concepts.
  2. Brainstorm for synonyms and related terms.  You could use a thesaurus or find words used in the subject areas of databases.
  3. Add to your list as you search, as certain words may keep popping up in your search.
  4. Remember:  Do NOT type your entire research question into search boxes - only type Keywords.
  5. Tip:  Remember the truncation tip - add an asterisk after the beginning part of a word (Ex.  econom* ------ economy, economic, economist, economics).

How Do I Develop an Effective Search Strategy? (from URI Library)

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