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Hajian: Digital Literacy 21: II: Databases

What Are Databases (from Yavapai College)

Searching EBSCO Databases

Copying Citations: ProQuest Databases (New York Times)



Click on "Cite and Scroll Down to select the MLA 8 formatted citation.  You also MUST HIT the CHANGE button before you copy the citation.  Scrolling down and selecting does not automatically change the citation to MLA format.   You MUST hit CHANGE to put citation in MLA 8 format.  

Subject Databases

The temporary password for Opposing Viewpoints is pass

Article Databases

  • Article databases contain an enormous amount of articles on all subject areas.  
  • If your search returns more than 50 results, you may want to add additional search terms or search a particular time period (ex. last three years).  
  • You will want to add in more of your keywords when you search  ("distracted driving" and teen*).

Copying Citations from EBSCO Databases

Click on Cite and Scroll Down to find the MLA formatted citation.